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December 2, 2005

Is That a Turnip?

I bought several sweaters for a dollar or less a piece at a thrift store several years ago in the hopes of making some patchworky pillows or blankets from them. I felted them immediately which worked to varying degrees. Then I ignored them for a long, long time. When I heard about the ReKAL I decided to turn one of the sweaters into a tea cozy.

I finally got around to it tonight when I found myself thinking, "Gee, it's too bad I don't have a tea cozy."

After I cut it out I stitched up the top (badly) and decided to do a needle-felted decoration on it. I read about using cookie cutter as needle-felting templates so I pulled out a giant copper acorn.

Then I pulled out a bag of odds and ends I collected during my first spinning class. It was all the junk that people were going to throw out that I saved to make felted balls with my son's preschool class. Waste not, want not. I never made those felted balls.

I stabbed at the roving until my arm went numb and I have a new tea cozy. I slapped it on my teapot and took a picture.

I have a giant turnip on my tea cozy.