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January 27, 2006

Leaves and Flowers

I've been making a full court press on the Leaf Lace shawl. After lots of counting, weighing and calculating I believe I am ready to start the edging.

One of those "lace looks like hell on the needles" shots.

My lifeline.

Just to be safe I placed a lifeline before the last repeat. If I run out of yarn on the edging I can rip back easily. I've read a lot about lifelines but haven't used one before. (I will definitely be using them when I get back to Frost Flowers and Leaves.) I am pretty sure I'll make it though and if I can find enough knitting time I should have it finished tonight or tomorrow.

A family in our babysitting coop has just adopted a baby girl. I knit up a little pink hat for her based on Marnie's Frog Pond pattern. I knit a little flower to go on the hat.

But all those damned ends just made me sad so the hat went off flowerless. And I forgot to take a picture. Why does Nicky Epstein like to make us sew so much? She can take a pattern that any sane knitter can make in one piece and turn it into 17 pieces. Why Nicky? Why do you hate us?