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February 22, 2006

Be Still My Heart

Thank you, Kath Dalmeny! Thanks to the platypus in the World of Knitted Toys my seven year old asked me to teach him to knit.

He had a very hard time with knitting English style (which is how I knit). Once he took his hands off the needles things would fall apart--literally. So I taught him to knit continentally and he's doing great with it. For a seven year old boy. I cast on five stitches for him and he's knit six or seven rows. He's got a uniquely seven year old boy take on the knitting process. As he describes it, "The worm comes out of his hole, grabs some food, then goes back in his hole." And as he pulls the yarn from a center-pull skein he says, "It's throwing up yarn." He also knits standing up while pacing around.

But still this morning, when he came down for breakfast, instead of reading a Spider-man comic book he said, "Where's my knitting?"