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February 22, 2006


Meh. Working on my sweater feels like...well, work. I feel like continuing is foolish since I a) don't have a hope in hell of finishing this thing any time soon and b) don't have enough yarn. The twisted competitive part of me wonders exactly how much yarn I'm short and is pushing me to knit to the bitter end. The lazy, quixotic part of me wants fresh blood. So I cheated on my Olympic project last night. I'm scandalous, I know. I started the "dainty bootees" from Knitting for Two. My excuse is that I borrowed it from Molly and have to return it tonight so, you know, it's now or never. But then the guilt crept in again and I went back to my sleeves.

Favorite quote from my son today: As we are heading out the door for a trip to the mall he asked, "Can I bring my knitting?" He did and he knit all over the mall. In fact he got upset at one point because we did not pause long enough in the Women's Lounge for him to take out his work and knock off a row. Hilarious.