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February 26, 2006

I am the Bode Miller of the Knitting Olympics

Was it a failure to train? Was I out of shape? Did I party too hard at the Olympic Village?

I can't really say. I will tell you this: Debbie Bliss is a lying so-and-so. The yarn requirements for the Knot Cable Jacket are 600 grams of Silk Garden (1380 yards). I have 1600 yards of Cash Iroha (640 grams) and it's not enough. Not by a long shot. I have emails out all over the internet and around the world right now trying to find more yarn. I have a scheme for the fronts and collar that would take less of the color I have but I still need at least half a skein (20 grams!) to finish the fronts. So I have put it in the wool tomb yarn closet and will leave it there until I find more yarn or can stomach ripping the whole thing out.

Now I can finish my Sockapaloooza socks! And Durrow! Remember those?