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February 25, 2006

You Have Got to Be Kidding!

I was so close to finishing up my sleeves tonight when I realized I had jumped the gun on the decrease pattern and gone to every row decrease, zooming right past all the every other row decreases. Shit. I had to rip out at least two hours of work.

On a much funnier note I heard two things today that made me laugh really hard. The first was from a co-worker. We were discussing the large slubs in Cash Iroha. I was mentioning how they really pop out of the cables on my sweater. She said that in stockinette it's worse and that they "stand out like a dirty deed at a Baptist picnic." Now is that a great simile or what? And then tonight Molly told me that she had been at "Iwo Jima" when she meant to say "Uwajimaya." Sorry Molly! But that was definitely one of the high points to my day.