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March 11, 2006

Completely, Totally Side-tracked

Boy, did I go off course. I've been happily plugging away on the left front of my Knot & Cable Jacket. But yesterday I felt a strange pull. The question of what to do with all my leftover balls of sock yarn has been nagging at me. I like my socks on the short side so I usually have a two-thirds of a skein left when I'm done with a pair. Suddenly I remembered these sweet little socks that Alison knit. Eureka! I found my IK from last summer and I pulled out all my oddballs. I threw them all on my desk. The Lorna's Laces in Valentine won. And to make things more interesting I tried out Sockbug's directions for the two-socks-on-one-circular method. Before I even finished the first round I caught a glimpse of most of a skein of Jo Sharp DK Wool. That would make a good baby hat. Oh and there's a US6 needle right here. So I cast on and started a Dulaan hat. (I also found the rest of the yarn for the brown baby booties and started the second one of those on Wednesday night.)

I am now so side-tracked I'm side-tracked from my side-track.