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March 29, 2006

You Asked For It

A blog reader told me at the shop that her favorite posts were about my son knitting. Well, it's hard to build up blog content when he knits about two rows a week. But he is still knitting. He has been doing every Harry Potter crossword puzzle we can find for him online. Yesterday morning while I was checking my email he commanded asked me to find him a new puzzle. I waved him off, telling him I was busy and there wasn't enough time before we had to leave for school. In a huff he angrily asked, "Can I at least work on my knitting?" Uh, sure, honey. The small bit of black knitting is the platypus from Kath Dalmeny's World of Knitted Toys. I've done most of the knitting. I did all the shaping. We now need 51 rows of stockinette. He doesn't know how to purl yet so he knits a row and I purl back. As I've mentioned on the blog before, I don't say a word to him about his knitting. I am silent as the grave (for the only time in my life) because I know if I start pushing him or talking about it too much or generally expressing any happiness he will drop it like a bad habit.

Rebecca said she wanted more pictures of Hugo. Since he's turning 10 this summer he pretty much just sleeps all the time. The camera flash woke him up.

Have you ever read The Vegan Lunchbox? The blog in which a vegan mom documents the elaborate, tasty, nutritious lunches she lovingly packs for her child each morning. There are fresh baked goods, cute little notes and all sorts of healthy goodness. This morning as I put the finishing touches on my son's lunch I had to laugh at what a slacker mom I am.

That's two cold pancakes, two fruit leathers and a sour cream container filled with Cheddar Bunnies. This is a huge step up from the usual PB & J with a baggie of chocolate chips. As Wes and I always say, it's a wonder the children have survived this long.