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April 25, 2006

Afghan Coma

I'm working on square #60. I have 20 to go. I have a severe case of the blahs but I'm feeling too lazy to pick up a project that requires thinking or even consciousness.

Wes spent a bit of time over the weekend fixing my broken drum carder. He got all the cracks under control but when we tried the carder it wasn't working. We studied photos online and puzzled over it all night. Maybe someone can help.

When you're looking at the side of the carder with the handle both drums teeth go this way:
((((( ((((((((((
In my limited drum carding experience I remember turning the handle clockwise and having the fiber get pulled in under the small drum. When I turn my handle clockwise the teeth pull the fiber up, over the small drum and then it floats to the floor (the fiber, not the drum). As we studied and tried to adjust the drums distance from one another a new piece broke off the carder. Perhaps this wasn't meant to be.