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April 24, 2006

More Drive By Blogging

The sale at the shop was HUGE. By closing Sunday evening we were all pretty brain-dead and worn out. We all just sat and knit for the last hour--between helping customers. I went to my friend's house to babysit and spent the evening sitting on the back steps knitting an afghan square while the kids ran around in the back yard. I keep losing count of how many squares I've completed. I recounted last night. I have 57. I've been feeling guilty about not working on my sweaters or my socks but I'm really just grooving with the afghan squares right now. I know it doesn't make for the most interesting blogging though. Sorry.

I was looking through this week's Whiplash entries. The theme is "Your Surly Side." I pretty much only have a surly side so I was really looking forward to the entries. I fell deeply in love with the Scowler Monkey. The eyes look just like my older son's when he's angry. The likeness is uncanny. And this entrant gets the prize for ballsiest move. I'm not sure if it's for real or not but it's certainly surly. I need to find a way to participant in one of these. Unfortunately my weekends are really busy with work and kids and tons and tons of stuff. Maybe next week I can find some time.

I put up a photo of the truck with the faux testicles, in case you were wondering what I was talking about.

I also signed up for this.