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June 29, 2006

As June Comes to a Close...

I've signed up for the Le Tour de Fleece. I wrestled with picking a goal. Obviously my Olympic project was too challenging (and still not done). I didn't want to do that again. But I didn't want to wuss out and pick something really easy. I decided to complete 30 hours of spinning during the Tour. Then I can work on whatever projects I want whenever I want.

I didn't get much feedback on the audio post. There were a few comments by people who know me in real life about how calm I sounded or how slowly I spoke. I was trying very hard to slow down. I'm a bit of a fast talker. I was also trying not to curse, not to say, "uhhhhhh," and not to click my tongue. Thank goodness for editing. Honestly, I had to stop once in the middle to feed the cat (fat lot of good that did me), then one of the kids came down and I had to fix him a snack. Editing is frickin' magic!

I just finished a really cute baby kimono for the shop today. It's from Minnies and I made it with Silk Garden Lite. The yarn is very soft. Much softer than regular Silk Garden which I can only chalk up to the finer gauge. I'll try to grab a picture of it.

In my personal knitting I'm still plugging away on my Faroese shawl. The yarn got horribly jumbled last night so I wound it back into balls by hand while watching The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. At one point Gene Tierney picked up a skein of brown yarn and started winding it into a ball. Even Wes thought it was a little freaky. I meant to get a screen shot of it but reflexively stuffed it in its Netflix envelope and sent it back immediately.

I also just turned the heel on the last Dulaan sock. I should get it all packed up and shipped off this weekend.