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June 5, 2006

NWRSA: Friday Recap

Classes at NWRSA start early. Realllllllllllllllllllllllly early. 8:45. It's just mean. My Friday class was Variations on a Theme with Myrna Stahman. We looked at feather and fan variations in lace knitting including Crest of the Wave, Ostrich Plumes and Peacock Feathers. During the morning session while Myrna spoke to us and showed us many examples of design variations I worked on some felted mittens for Dulaan. When I went to the knit in last weekend I got some Lamb's Pride Worsted that someone had donated. As I mentioned last week, I promptly knit two right mittens. So during class I knit two left mittens. Shown here with the mittens I knit from handspun last week.

I was surprised to be the only person knitting in class while Myrna spoke. She finally told us to feel free to knit but only one other person pulled out her work. In the afternoon session we were supposed to design our own variation on Feather and Fan. I froze. I felt entirely unimaginative. I tried to doodle with making an odd number variation--a challenge to the class from Myrna--but ended up with nothing worth sharing.

During lunch I found Terry and Susan giggling over a dessert selection. It's a marshmallow crispy treat made with Cocoa Puffs.

They said it looked exactly like goat berries (for all your city folk, that would be poop). Since they raise goats, I guess they should know.

After class was spinning, spinning and more spinning. And buying stuff. There was a vendor with a big bag of the most gloriously soft alpaca fleece. It was a pale tawny color and very fine. I kept walking past eyeing it trying to decide how much to buy. When I finally made up my mind and marched over with my wallet in hand she had sold out. I was crushed. But then it turned out she had more at home. She got all my contact information and is going to send it to me. Yay!

They kicked us out of the gym every night just before eleven. Molly and I decided to explore the dorm a bit more and found a foosball table. We played one very inept game. (I won.) Then we got a crochet hook and went back to the air hockey table with the jar lid stuck in it from Thursday night. We were able to wiggle the lid with the hook and free the puck. We played two pretty dreadful but hilarious games of air hockey. (Molly won.)