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June 5, 2006

NWRSA: Saturday and Sunday Recap

Okay, you get the idea by now. Spinning, buying, more spinning. But on Saturday I also took Myrna Stahman's top-down Faroese shawl class. I bought yarn at camp last year for one of these shawls. I had already picked out my pattern. The example the class was knitting was all garter. Molly and I had picked out lace patterns to knit. I'm making Idella. We were already familiar with most of what was covered in class and made a good start on on shawls.

Being in class reminded me of a funny story. One night while watching Oprah they were talking to 30 year old women around the world. When they spoke to women on the Faroe Islands Wes said, "Where are the Faroe Islands??" I told him they were in the North Atlantic just south of Iceland. He thought for a moment then looked at me. "There's knitting there, isn't there?"

Most mortifying moment of the weekend: In line for dinner a woman asked me if Molly was my daughter!!!!

In the evening more spinning and talking and laughing. And also a keynote address by Sarah Swett. Melinda covered it really nicely on her blog.

Second most mortifying moment: During the show and tell portion of the evening a person got up wearing a poncho I had just featured for "Thursdays are for What the Hell is This?" It was just like camp last year!

On Sunday we got in a few hours of spinning plus some last minute purchases. Then we packed up and headed home. As soon as I got home I sat down at my wheel and started plying some of my singles. Wes walked over and said, completely incredulously, "Are you spinning?" I told him I needed to free up the bobbins because I'd borrowed them from Molly. That was true but I also really wanted to have some finished yarn from the weekend after all that spinning.

Okay, that covers it. I need to go fix some huge honkin' mistake on my shawl. I was really cookin' on it for a minute there.