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July 29, 2006

Swag Hag

Today I got to attend a small local trade show. Here's some of what came in our goody bags.

Is there anything better than free yarn?

Habu was there, which was a really nice surprise. I've only seen a handful of their yarns in person before. To see a room filled with cones and tiny bundles of all their yarns was well worth the visit. We only got a reorder on Shosenshi Paper yarn which now comes in some variegated colorways! Curious Creek* was there for the first time too. I haven't seen their yarns in person before either. They make a worsted bombyx silk that is insanely gorgeous and feels...well..really silky. I was very excited to see Somerset Designs. They make suede handles and bottoms for bags. The striped tote bag in Holiday Knits uses them. We've gotten a lot of requests for them at the shop. We got buttons and alpaca and more alpaca. Wheeee!!!

I was chugging away on Sitcom Chic last night. Wes wasn't feeling well so I knit and watched two movies by myself. I was thinking, "I can finish this tonight. I only have a little bit left to go." But then I realized that it was 1 am and I probably have several hours of work left to do.

*Doesn't that name sound like a coming of age movie? Or is that just me?