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August 19, 2006

Shop Knitting

Since I don't have any spectacular progress to show you on my socks (I'm moving along on them but really, really slowly) or my sweater (right front is done to armhole) I thought I'd take my camera to work and show you all the knitting I've been doing for the shop. My astute co-worker saw me doing this and said, "Didn't you take pictures of that already?" Why yes. Yes, I did. Then I promptly deleted them off my camera instead of transferring them to my hard drive. Some days I really have the magic touch.

Pattern: Faux Ruffle Tank from Alterknits
Yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Cherry Moon and Moira
Notes: A very simple pattern to knit and makes a cute top. It could stand to have a little side shaping.

Pattern: (I forget which) Hat from Domino Knitting
Yarn: Noro Tidori
Notes: Fun and kind of addictive to knit all those little squares.

Pattern: Baby Kimono from Minnies
Yarn: Noro Silk Garden Lite
Notes: This yarn is fantastic. It has very dramatic color changes and is really light and drapey. Maybe not ideal for a baby but it shows off the yarn nicely.

Pattern: Single Skein Warmer sweater by Schaeffer, Top-Down Baby Beanie by me
Yarn: Schaeffer Elaine in Bette Davis (all this from one skein!)
Notes: The sweater is done in shaker rib which was new to me. It makes a very squishy, plush fabric. While these colors aren't too my taste, I do love this yarn.