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September 26, 2006


I decided to take a class this year at OFFF. I chose "Spinning Bast Fibers."

Linen on a lion.

Bast fibers are the fibers from the stalks of plants. We got to try ramie, flax and hemp in several preparations like line, tow, top and strick (really, I'm not making this up). We also tried "wet" spinning some of the fibers. The upshot? I don't like spinning bast fibers. There is no joy for me in spinning tough, rough, hairy fibers. Of all the things we tried I definitely preferred the hemp and ramie. I chose the class because I bought some ramie top at BSG and wanted some pointers on spinning it. Unfortunately the class was cramped, crowded and noisy. I don't feel like I got any instruction at all. Unless there's a real rock star next year I will skip the classes at OFFF.