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September 27, 2006


Yesterday was a strange day. I'm still not adjusted to having the both kids in school. I feel like I can't settle in and get anything done because I keep worrying that I'm supposed to be somewhere or meet a bus or pick someone up. So I was really surprised this morning when I surveyed my work from yesterday that I got a lot done.

I spun up a whole bobbin of the Romney/Coopworth/angora (right bobbin). It's so nicely prepared. There's a little VM in it but it's mostly large pieces that are easy to pick out while spinning. I also spun up a ton of Dazzle, the llama. I only have a little bit left to spin.

I started a sweater for my younger son on Sunday night. He asked me to knit him a sweater! It's meant to be an outdoor coat type thing. He wanted it in red so I'm using some Lamb's Pride Bulky in an unreleased shade of red I got at a trade show. I've almost finished the body. I'm using the Kangaroo sweater from The Opinionated Knitter as a rough guide for the sleeves. I'll try to get some good photos of how the kangaroo pouch works and cutting the sleeve steeks on Friday.

Speaking of steeking, I finished the body of my Fair Isle Yoke Cardigan on the way home from Oregon. I've got a few inches of the first sleeve done. I'm really happy with the colors I pulled together for the yoke.

I can't wait to finish the sleeves and put the whole thing together. That's always my favorite part of knitting a seamless sweater.