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September 12, 2006

Even A Child Can Do It

I decided to leave the blog "dark" yesterday. I wrote a 9/11 reflection post but it was all about me and it didn't feel right. The day was not about me. I wish our president understood that too.

Sunday night after dinner my youngest son announced that we were making chocolate souffle for dessert (or "fersert" as he insists on calling it). So we did. They were quick and really simple to make. The only hitch was when I set some water in a pot on the stove to simmer, to make a double boiler, and placed a bowl in front of my son for the chocolate. Instead he tossed some chocolate straight into the simmering water! Whoops. I fished it out and no harm was done. We melted the chocolate, beat some egg whites, added egg yolks and sugar to the chocolate, mixed the whites back in and put them in the oven. Fifteen minutes later...

One minute after that...

I finished all the seaming and repairing on my Knot Cable Jacket but I still need to get a zipper and sew it in. Could be a little while still. My Trellis scarf is growing. I'm on the 5th repeat of 23.