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October 8, 2006

The Promiscuous Spinster

My spinning habits have always been largely monogamous. I start a project and work on it until completion then start my next project. Lately though, my spinning has gotten downright slutty.

I first started to spin the bombyx silk from Chasing Rainbows (bottom center) this summer. I found I did not have an aptitude for 100% silk which wasn't helped at all by hot and sticky weather. This got set aside.

Then I finally fixed my drum carder. I carded up a big pile of brown Romney (bottom right). Since my wheel was tied up with whatever I was spinning at the time I dragged out my old, unloved, 200 pound (slight exaggeration) Louet drop spindle to take the newly carded wool for a test drive.

Then at OFFF I found this lovely Romney/Coopworth/angora blend (top left) and started spinning the moment I got home. But I pulled myself away from it to finish spinning Dazzle.

Last weekend after my horrific dyeing experience I started to spin up the Merino superwash (bottom left). It's lovely to spin but still terribly ugly.

Then I won Julia's blog contest. She sent me this roving and a drop spindle (top right). Of course I was so excited I started to spin it right away.

And then
while reading Spin Off, I saw that the Your Yarn topic for the next issue was organic fibers. "Hmmm," I thought to myself,"there must be some organic fiber around here somewhere." And there was. This organic cotton (center top) was hiding out in my stash from this spring. As you can see I didn't get very far.

Holy moley! What happened to me?