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December 5, 2006

Back in the Loch With You, Nessie!*

I've got two new NLFOs**.

Mouse over for my latest creations.

Goodbye baggy, saggy Mia. So long overly long sleeved, boxy-shoulder Butterfly. Some day you may become A Cardigan for Arwen and a Sunrise Circle Jacket. Perhaps not. Only time will tell.

I had a sad moment last night when I realized that there are more rows in Frost Flowers than I had thought. This means that I have even less done. I'm back down to 21.9% done. I keep reaching for that ever elusive 25% and just can't get there.

Thanks for all the hugs and commiseration about my public meltdown. I'd love to say that it's the first time that my children or I made a complete scene in public.

*Name that quote!
**No Longer Finished Objects.