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December 6, 2006

Cue the Imperial March

I was feeling a pang of guilt over not starting the pirate hat for my son. The little angel on one shoulder said, "You promised it to him a year ago." The little devil on my other shoulder said, "You already knit that pattern once. Having to knit it again will be totally boring." I had to admit they were both right. Then a customer came to the shop to pick up some yarn for a vest her husband is knitting for her son (got to love a husband who knits). He is making the argyle vest from Men in Knits. Only, instead of argyle across the chest, he was inserting these Star Wars motifs. And lo, the clouds parted and the angels sang. I had my solution.

My son likes to provide his own background music. When he's playing or running or eating or doing just about anything. But he always hums the same tune--the Imperial March from Star Wars. Sad, isn't it?