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January 5, 2007

It Can't Be Friday

I've managed to lose a week here somewhere. I'm up and out of bed and feeling much better. Thanks again for all the good health wishes. I don't think it helps that it has looked like this outside for weeks.

And will continue to for weeks to come.

I knit a little dolphin from Kath Dalmeny's World of Knitted Toys years ago for my son. He tore a hole in it about a year ago.

It's been sitting on my desk under a pile of stuff waiting to be repaired. Of course, when I tell the kids I'll fix their torn dolls, blankets, clothes, etc. I don't really mean it. I hope that they will lost interest and I can discreetly toss the item in the trash. But these kids, I tell you, they have long memories. My older son still talks about a Jessie the Cowgirl doll he lost at day care when he was two! But my son pestered me about the dolphin and I explained that I didn't have any matching yarn to fix him. He said to use anything blue. So I opened my scrap bin and pulled out the first vaguely blueish thing I saw. I then sewed up the dolphin's back with all the care of a [insert someone who does not give a shit about his or her job].

Happily my son doesn't care how it looks at all and is very pleased to have his dolphin back (until he tears it open in a new location which should take him about eight more minutes).

Thanks for all the advice and comments about shopping for a purse. I spent hours looking at the thousands of bags on Zappos. I finally found the perfect one.

It only costs $1234. Oops. How did I magically pick out one of the most expensive bag on Zappos?

The closest thing I've found is this one.

It's much more reasonably priced. What do you think? I'm not loving the gold hardware and on second glance it's a little granny-ish. I think I need to keep looking.