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March 9, 2007

Hi. I'm a PC

You know those funny Apple ads with the Mac and the PC? I love those ads. Though I'm waiting for the one where the Mac whips out a sledgehammer and hobbles the PC Misery-style. Because that is what Apple is doing to me right now.My iPod wouldn't update because some of my "playlists selected no longer exist." Huh? How can they be playlists if they don't exist? Just to be sure I deleted all my playlists. Same error message. I was using an older version of iTunes because the newer one had some bug that made it not work on PCs. I decided to try the newest version and see if they had fixed anything. I may never know. Now my iPod doesn't work at all and when I try to install the new update to the newest version of iTunes (since I updated two days ago) it crashes my computer.

In short, Apple sucks donkey ass.