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March 9, 2007

Time for Timer

Wes asked me the other night, after peering into the fridge, "Why'd you buy that hunk of blue cheese?" I told him that I "hankered for a hunk of cheese."

All kidding aside, I have been really feeling like my "get up and go has got up and went" lately. I'm feeling uninspired. I still love my whole hand processing fleece thing I've got going on but that project will take many, many more hours to comb, then I have to spin it.

For a little inspiration I put together a Flickr set with projects that interest me. I think part of my ennui is that I have been knitting from stash. And while I dearly love my stash I don't always find the right yarn for the projects I'd like to knit. So then I wrestle with do I try to knit a project I love from a yarn that's not quite up to snuff or do I suck it up and buy more yarn then feel guilty because I have perfectly good yarn at home. Back and forth I go. But I did order some some Gems in Eggplant to make the Katharine Hepburn cardigan from Lace Style.

Pretty, isn't it?

In the meantime I'm wondering what to do with my sweater's worth of Cotton-Ease. I had been thinking of making one of these two items from an old Mission Falls pattern books. Most likely the cardigan. But now there's a new Rowan Classic Yarn book, Classic Coast, that has lots of patterns I really like. They're mostly very simple, classic all designed for RYC Natural Silk Aran or Cotton Jeans. Both yarns are very similar in weight to the CE. I'm most interested in this cardigan. I also toyed with the idea of chucking everything aside and starting A Cardigan for Arwen tonight with the Cotton Angora I frogged a few months ago. The cardigan is shorter than I'd like but I know the yarn will sag and stretch a lot.

I'm feeling so torn right now I'm a bit paralyzed. It's just knitting, right? Why am I so wound up about it?