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March 6, 2007

Tunnel Vision is Boring to Watch

Sorry to be so dull as I am consumed with processing my fleece in all my spare time. It's all prepped now and ready to comb. I will get to that tonight once I get the kids in bed.

Last night at Purlygirls I pulled out the not-centered ribbed neckline edging and button band on Retro Prep the Third and started a simple garter band with mitered corners at the neckline just like my FI Yoke Cardi (I know you've seen it before but damn I love that sweater). I completed the buttonholes after screwing up the calculations. Note: When figuring out how many stitches go between the buttonholes you must subtract the number of stitches used to create the buttonholes. Oops. No matter. I had already pretty much decided to put in the buttonholes but not sew on any buttons right now. I haven't found ones I like and I never button my cardigans anyway. Why take the time and money to add buttons I won't use? If I change my mind the holes will still be there.

Has anyone seen one of these Murval bags in person? Is it as totally cute as this picture?

Click for more info.

And cheap!