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July 16, 2007

Cry Me a River

After going off on parents with babies at movies yesterday, I thought I'd try to be more constructive. Here is a short, cobbled together list of film-going options for people with infants.

Kirkland Parkplace cinema still offers its parent-and-baby program at 9:45 a.m. the second and fourth Fridays of each month. The cinema opens all its auditoriums so parents can choose which feature they want to see. (404 Parkplace Center, Kirkland, 425-827-9000).

However, the following are the Cry Rooms:
Landmark's Metro Cinemas - Auditorium # 1
Landmark's Varsity Theatre - Auditorium # 1
Landmark's Guild 45th Theatre - Auditorium # 2
Information on which Film is playing in which Auditorium can be obtained by calling (206) 781-5755
For the Guild 45th, press 3 and just listen. The cry room is attached to the blue theater, which they mention second.
For the Metro, press 5 and then 3. This is a special cry room message.
For the Varsity, press 8. The cry room is attached to the main, downstairs auditorium, which they mention first.

At Lincoln Square in Bellevue they have special Thursday screenings for parents with infants.
Every Thursday at 10:00 AM Lincoln Square Cinemas hosts a presentation specifically designed for parents and their infant children. This is a parents chance to bring their strollers and come watch the latest movies with like minded parents. Shows are presented with the lights up a bit and the sound down a bit. Box office opens at 9:45AM. These show times do not appear on the regular schedule—check back here each week to see what's playing."

Come on, "at your seat concession service." What more could you want?