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July 15, 2007

Potter-Full Weekend

We've had a whole lot of Potter going on this weekend. Wes took our older son to see Harry and the Potters at the downtown library. There was a huge crowd and it sounded like a really great show. Originally we planned to all meet downtown, have a great dinner and see the concert. It became clear that my younger son would want no part of any of the plan. So I stayed home with him. Then on Saturday I left my younger son home with Wes while I took the big guy to see Order of the Phoenix. It's my least favorite book of the series so it's not too surprising that I didn't like the film as much as the others.

My film-going experience was also really ruined by the couple sitting next to me--in the center of the row--with a small infant. The baby fussed and cried the whole time. They got up and left three or four times during the show. I mean, really, if you're going to bring an infant to a movie at least sit on the aisle so you don't have to walk back and forth in front of 20+ people several times during a movie. What's really annoying is that there's another theater in town showing Harry Potter that has a cryroom in it. That's where I saw all my movies when my kids were babies. Sorry for the rant. I'm sympathetic as a mother but was totally pissed off as a film-goer.

In a bit of a coincidence, my Hiiumaa socks that I started earlier this week are in Ravenclaw colors.

I didn't plan it at all. I just had these two oddballs that I got as a gift a few years ago from Nanette. I also knitted for a while during the movie but had to stop when I approached a color change since I couldn't count my rows. When I got home I found that I had stopped at the exact point of my color change. Woot for me.

Thank you all for all your notes of condolence. I think this might be rougher on Wes than me. He got Zasu in college. As he said last night, he'd had her for more than half his life. Wes went to a party last night and it was very eerie to be in the house with the children asleep and no one to keep me company. I promise to try to keep everyone and everything else around me alive for a while.