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December 10, 2007

The Cobbler's Children Will Have Shoes

Last weekend Wes told me that we needed to go shopping because the boys need hats, mittens and scarves.

Uh, hello? Have you met me? I make stuff.

First I pointed out that our older son has the Star Wars hat from last year. There was no way I'd knit a hat, two pairs of mittens and two scarves fast enough for these guys. I decided to go the quick and dirty method on the scarves. I cut out two rectangles of polar fleece that I have lying around. Done! I was going to serge the edges to make them more "finished" looking but screw it. They're just going to lose them anyway so I can't be bothered. I cast on for the hat in Kid Classic which is done (see below). Then I started thinking about mittens. I found this tutorial. I started to make my first mitten. Halfway in I realized I had made it too small. I set it aside. I made another.

Not too bad. I didn't pull the elastic out enough so the cuff is baggy. I thought it would be good enough and went to start the second mitten. Ack! Not enough fabric. I had already used half my fabric for the aborted, too small mittens. Damn!

But wait. I'm a quilter now. Sort of. I can piece together the fabric I need!

You can see the remains of the first pair here in what looks like the female reproductive systems rendered in 30s reproduction fabric. Sadly, it was not enough even after I sewed together all my scraps. I set the mitten aside, wanting my son to try it on first before going any further. It's too big for him but fits his big brother who says he does not care if his mittens match.

Three more mittens to go and the cobbler's children will have shoes.