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December 3, 2007

Washed Away

Saturday afternoon I was teaching a class on Terra Bear at the shop. The class became completely unfocused when it started snowing. It was coming down in huge, heavy clumps. It was starting to stick. Seattle folk kind of freak out when this happens. Mainly because it's so hilly and we have, like, 2 snowplows for the whole city. The snow continued through the afternoon. I went to my first "Basic Manners" class for Isabella then I went to meet Wes and the boys in Queen Anne, where they were baby sitting. It was coming down hard on QA. We were at the very top of the hill and it was a wall of snow. I stayed for only a short time and left to get the boys home for bed.

That's when I got stuck.

I didn't have my camera so I've created this picture to illustrate.

I somehow, very slowly and carefully, managed to crawl my way up this hill. There was the brief moment when the car began to slide backwards that I really panicked but like I said somehow we made it up the hill. Then we had to make it down the hill then up another hill. These are big hills. How big? So big that at the bottom of the hill it was 5 degrees warmer and raining while snowing furiously at the top.

Anyway, long story short. I made it home. By the time Wes left it was raining on Queen Anne so he didn't get any of the excitement on his way home.

Sunday was filled with boring errands and terrible rain. And today it's raining like the end of the world. Everything is flooded or flooding. Everything is damp and dark.

I'm almost at the heel of my second Laila sock and I've been working on a Terra Bear as a class sample. Other than that nothing much on the knitting front. I blame Bogglific on Facebook. Wes and I have gotten kind of addicted and have spent way too much time playing in the last few days.

And note to the guy sitting opposite me at the coffee shop right now: Your coffee drink may be delicious but that does not make it okay to repeatedly wipe out the inside of your cup with your finger and lick it.