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January 7, 2008

A is for Ailing

No, I'm not doing the ABC-along. But I am sick and getting sicker. I think my cold has blossomed into a sinus infection. I declared yesterday a stay-in-bed day. I hunkered down with my laptop, Endpaper Mitt and some movies. I knit on and off (mostly off) and am ready to start the thumb increases.

I watched movies between naps. First I watched Once. It's a sweet but slight film. Really it's just a vehicle for the music. Fortunately I enjoyed the music but a viewer who didn't would have a hard time liking this film.

Next up was Elephant. Elephant is a spare, chilling film which documents the mundane events of the lives of high schoolers before their school erupts in violence. Rather than attempting to explain teen violence, it merely documents it as you spend a day perched over the shoulders of various students.

Thankfully I was able to get an appointment today to see a doctor. Fingers crossed I will be well enough to travel to TNNA.