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June 26, 2008


Is anyone watching Swingtown? I've watched the first two episodes. It's about a button-down, suburban family that moves across the street from some swingers and quick as you can say "plot device" they decide, with just a knowing look between them, to try group sex for a change. The good things about the show are Molly Parker and the art direction. The clothes, sets and general coloration are dead on 70s. They are also having a lot of fun--maybe too much--with the music. But the fatal flaw for me is that for a show about sex it is completely devoid of any sense of sexy. It makes swinging look as dull as a Tupperware party. Shouldn't the sexual revolution be at least a little titillating? I'm ready to delete it from my ReplayTV but it's the only new non-reality show on this summer.