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July 14, 2008

Dinner and a Movie

When SIFF announced it's Dinner and a Movie series last year Wes and I were really excited. We love Volterra. We love movies. It's an awfully pricey event so we just picked one to attend, Goodfellas, one of my favorite movies. We went last night and I am very sorry to say we were both under-whelmed. The food was good but not great and not anything I would normally choose to eat. The service was also not stellar. They only offered wine or prosecco to drink. I don't drink so I asked for iced tea. They told me I could have wine or water and that's it. This still seems so ridiculous to me. I can drink all the wine I want but they won't give me a soda? How does that make sense? Wes finally went over to the bar and wheedled a diet coke out of them. The movie projection was the most problematic. They screened the film off a DVD. The aspect ratio was off so the everyone looked short and wide and the room wasn't dark enough so it was difficult to see. All in all a disappointing, expensive night out. Next time we'll just go to a movie and go to dinner.

Oh, and a realized that I had misplaced some hexagons so I ripped out a few, sewed a few seams last night and reknit.