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July 15, 2008

A Morning Off

I'm not starting work until late today. I had the morning to myself with many things planned. Instead I started the Giant Latvian Mitten Cardigan. I even swatched for it.

Shut up!

I know!

I swatched on 2s and it looked like crap. I realized that I was holding my yarns in the wrong hands. I knit more loosely with my left hand so the background yarn needs to be in my right. Otherwise the tight pattern stitches get swallowed up by the loose, bloated background. So I tried the 2 again and it still looked pretty crappy and I was not getting gauge. So I tried it on a 3 and it looked much better and it was the correct gauge.

So I've cast on and started knitting. I am still unclear how often to purl the Purl When You Can border. Doing all the background stitches seems too much.

So here it is nearly 1 o'clock and I haven't eaten or gotten anything else done this morning. A morning well spent, I think.