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August 9, 2009

My Best Moment of Sock Summit

While shopping at the market I stopped at Toots Le Blanc. Michelle Comancho is a lovely, lovely woman and now that she lives far from Seattle I always enjoy visiting her at shows and festivals. She was asking me a lot about knitting camp then mentioned that she had hoped to meet Meg Swansen but had not seen her in the market. I told her that Meg didn't strike me as much of a shopper. Not five minutes later I ran into Meg. I ran up to her and told her that I had to take her to meet my friend. Meg seemed dubious but obliged me and we rounded the corner of Michelle's booth I announced, "Michelle, I brought you Meg Swansen!" Michelle turned around and put her hand over her mouth as tears welled in her eyes. She recovered quickly and I left as she was introducing Meg to her beautiful yarns. I came back later and Meg was still there! I told Carl, Michelle's brother and business partner, "I think I made a love match." He agreed. Meg later told me that it was her favorite booth in the market and the only place where she bought anything. Michelle told me that she could just pack up and go home happy.

(I'll try to find time to post some pictures from the Summit tomorrow.)