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September 20, 2009

What We're Up Against

Wes and I have recently renewed our commitment to housework. Or at least decided that we could not go on living in such a chaotic, messy, disorganized, dirty house. So housework it is. So far we've been pretty pleased with ourselves. We reclaimed the dining room table and hutch, the kitchen counters are clear and clean, the bathrooms are clean, the drains are clear, the floors are vacuumed (more than once!), the dishes are done, homemade dinners have been served for over a week, bookcases have been decluttered, clothes washed and put away...and on and on.

Yesterday I had the boys join me in their playroom for a serious declutter/organize. When we started the door wouldn't open all the way because of all the junk on the floor. This is what we pulled out.

That's all recycling plus three garbage bags. 106 pound dog provided for scale. She looks embarrassed for us, doesn't she?