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September 19, 2009

Again, Not So Good With the Self-Portraits

I have been fretting over the yoke of my February Lady Sweater. First, I want this to look good on me. Second, I don't have a ton of yarn so I don't want to end up ripping the whole thing out and starting again. So I worked the increases as written, knit one repeat of the gull lace and then put the sweater on waste yarn, pinning under the armholes. I wanted to snap a little picture to get a better look at the fit. I tried the old "hold the camera out at arm's length and snap" approach. I ended up with the most hilariously awful self-portrait of all time. I look like a drunk zombie. It was too terrible to post right on the blog but I felt I had to share it with you so you can go see it on Flickr. If you must.

Then I went for the "bathroom mirror reflection with no flash" shot.

A bit better.

Anyway, the sweater. I think it's good. I think the garter ends at the right spot and the fit is slim. I'm going to knit a bit on the body then start one sleeve to make sure they're not too big. I wrestled over whether or not to cast on at the underarm. I suppose I could always decrease the stitches away. Or rip.