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March 7, 2010

The Last Three Days

I saw the hand specialist on Friday and he just confirmed that I have DeQuervain's (tendonitis in my thumb). I was sent to another clinic and got a custom splint made that is way more comfortable than the generic one I got a few weeks ago. It looks like I have many more weeks of rest in my future before I can start knitting again.

So I have been quilting. I got Liberated Quiltmaking II which has been great inspiration. I made several blocks after looking the book over. Here's a wonky photo of my wonky blocks.

I was given this nifty foundation piecing stamp at the Knitters Guild last week by Linda K. You can see the stamp here with a finished block and a block in progress.

See how tiny?

I'm scared to try to get the paper off the backs of these since the seams are so short. I might use muslin as a backing next time. I have three other stamps I haven't tried yet. You have to be in a particular mood to work on these teeny blocks. And willing to follow the lines.

I got all the sashing on my scrappy blocks and put the whole top together. Here's an idea of how the blocks look with sashing.

I also pieced a back for this. I put a border on this crazy four-patch and pieced a back. I also went to a fabric and notion trade show in the area this weekend. A Moda rep was selling some sample sets. I got 31 pieces of varying sizes of Santorini (.pdf). I've already started cutting and trying to add other fabrics to make this Nest quilt (.pdf). I'm not sure the pieces I have will work for this quilt and I wanted to try to make a sample block. I got ahead of myself and skipped a step. Now I have to rip out several seams and I can't find a way to do that without using my left thumb. Maybe if I make puppy dog eyes at Wes he'll help me out.