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March 10, 2010

Measure Twice, Cut Once

After conning Wes into ripping out my mis-sewn block I put it back together. Incorrectly. But not only did I sew it incorrectly I also cut some of my fabric incorrectly. Now I don't have the right amount of fabric. I also realized that I'm not that crazy about this ENORMOUS block anyway. So I'm going to set it aside and move on.

I have a huge pile of quilting books from the library. I'm thinking of trying out some of the techniques in Color Shuffle. The blocks are based on taking a stack of fabric, chopping it up then shuffling the layers. Sort of an orderly scrappy look. Let's see if I can do it without screwing it up.

My hand is feeling better but the back of my wrist is still swollen. I see a physical therapist on Friday. Maybe I'll get a greenlight for some knitting. A girl can hope.