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July 20, 2010

Home Again

I'm back from camp and it was wonderful. I finished Lloie's Cardigan and steeked it at Kim's house on Thursday morning. Then I knit the i-cord edging all day. I soaked it in the hotel tub then laid it out on a towel. We diligently flipped it and changed towels for several days before it dried. When it had dried the sleeves had grown incredibly. I cut off about 4-5" and reknit the cuffs just in time for Show & Tell on Sunday. Kim is also knitting Lloie's and she noticed that there is an error in the pattern. On the original cardigan there are only 13 plain rounds (plus short rows) until you knit the chart. The pattern says 30 which is close to what I knit. What Kim realized is that it is 30 rounds until the first decrease, not the beginning of the chart.

I also started Dye Dreams Luster Sox that I got last summer at Sock Summit. It is really, really boring to knit so it was perfect for camp. The last several years I brought charted knitting and spent the entire camp with head down and my nose pressed to my chart. I also brought my Miss Bab's Yummy Sport (also purchased at Sock Summit) and started Audrey in Unst. After knitting a few sloppy rows of twisted stitch ribbing I conned Amy Detjen into knitting on it for awhile for me. Her knitting is tight. She whipped that ribbing into shape and fixed an edge stitch error for me. I've knit a few more rows of it but I have to work so hard to keep my gauge firm I'm afraid I'll hurt my hands if I knit too much at a time.

I bought the pattern for the Double-V Vest and got the idea to use Silky Wool XL, when it comes out, for it from Heather from the Sow's Ear. As always I came home churning with ideas about what to knit for the next year and vowing to finish my Giant Latvian Mitten Cardigan by next year. Fingers crossed.


knittinbrit_in_wi said...

We had a great time. Your Lloie turned out great - hurry up and get a picture posted.

Glad you got home safely. Miss you.

Denise said...

So happy you all had such a great time...I really hope to get there next year...

Gail said...

You showed us a gorgeous resolution to the color problem, but you're not showing us the finished sweater?

Waaaah! (I'm whiney these days.)

Glad you had a great time and I'm looking forward to seeing what you knit up next! Good for you for being careful with your hands.