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July 15, 2010

Fall IK Preview

It's up.
I'm at camp but feel free to discuss. Looks awfully good to me.


Laura Sue said...

I've been liking IK patterns for a while now. What I don't like is their stylist. The models have the awfullest clothes on under their knits and everything is oatmeal colored. The designers and the patterns are great. A better photo stylist would launch IK back among the stars where it used to be.

Unknown said...

I love both the Leitmotif Cardigan and the Hawthorn Pullover. The Leyfi Pullover is intriguing, though I'm not sure about how it drapes around the neck and shoulders--something weird going on there. The Alpen Socken and the Proverbial Cap are also both really cool. Everything else looks nice, but doesn't scream "knit me" to me.

P.S. For some reason there's a weird malfunction when I post comments to your blog--I get the word verification bar, but no word to verify. I hit "enter" and the window comes up again telling me that I got the word wrong, and this time there *is* a word to verify.

Jennifer said...

Lots to like here. Finally.

LOVE the Hoarfrost Moebius especially.

PICAdrienne said...

Lots to like, but a few of the designs are very similar to last fall.

(Arguchik, if the verification word does not initially appear, press F5 to refresh before commenting, or copy you comment, press F5 and it will be there. Has to do with security settings, generally, but not always, on the user end.)

Unknown said...

PICAdrienne: Hmm. I'm on a Macbook Pro, and F5 doesn't seem to do that for me. It's the same key that makes the keyboard backlight brighter. When I hit alt-F5, it brings up a keyboard control window; when I hit cmd-F5 it opens the Voiceover program; and both ctl-F5 and shift-F5 do the same thing as plain old F5.

Unknown said...

Ah, I forgot fn-F5. That one works.

Thank you!

Caroline said...

Agree(100) on the photo styling. The photos are so often somewhat dimly lit, in a place with lots of brown all around, and not much color. Good light and saturated color would really do wonders as one look at Twist shows.

Anonymous said...

Didn't see diddly in this issue that even made me say "That's kinda cute", let alone motivate me to look at the pattern details. I agree with Laura Sue that their stylist sucks. So many of these patterns were worn over shirts, and they looked like they were too tight, didn't drape, didn't flow, etc.
--Lynda in Oregon