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August 22, 2010

Another List of Stuff

  1. Thank you for all the anniversary wishes. Wes and I celebrated on Saturday by having a delicious dinner at the always fabulous Dahlia Lounge. Dahlia never fails. Tom Douglas just opened a new restaurant by Pike Place Market called Seatown Snack Bar that has take away and dine in.

  2. Then we went to see Ira Glass at Benaroya Hall. If you don't listen to This American Life, you should. It is an hour of radio (or podcast) that is guaranteed to make you laugh, cry and think. Sometimes all at once.

  3. I took my older son with some of his friends to see Scott Pilgrim. Again. I really enjoyed it the second time two.

  4. Audrey in Unst is getting to look like a sweater.

  5. Based on your enthusiasm, I bought the dress from last week. I was going to wear it out last night but as I was getting ready to go--thankfully, before I cut off the tags--I noticed that there was something wrong with the sleeve lining that made it hang down below the hem. I'll have to return it. Too bad. I got it at Macy's. You can get one for yourself if you're interested.


Martha0051 said...

Gee, Jessica, I'm sorry you have to return the dress. I hope you can exchange it, as it looks better on you than it does on the model in the Macy's ad!

Unknown said...

Hi Jessica, my son is a chef at the Dahlia Lounge and he worked sat night. I will let him know you enjoyed your meal. Happy Anniversary!

Ali said...

I took my son to see Scott Pilgrim wearing my new Audrey in Unst, small world. Did you spend most of the movie mentally cataloging all the knitwear and trying to figure out which ones you wanted to copy too?