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October 17, 2010


I started Celaeno a few days ago. The instructions for the garter section tell you to "place beads randomly." Well if that isn't a recipe for insanity.

I spend far more time obsessing over when and where to place a bead than I do knitting. I keep stopping to look at my work. "Should I put a bead here?" "Are these beads too close together?" "Are there more beads on this side?" Crazy-making!

The yarn is Schaefer Anne in Spruce, I believe. It's a great deep, murky, blue-green-black. The beads didn't show up well in any of my photos. Anyone have any tips for capturing beads in photographs?


Joanna said...

I'm way too OCD to actually get "random" placement of anything. lol

My hubby is a photographer and he suggested adding multiple lighting sources coming from different directions. This should catch the more reflective bead surface. Hope this helps!

Anmiryam said...

No photo tips, I would just run a contest to see who could identify how many beads are visible.

Beautiful shawl. The random bead placement thing means that when I get around to Celano it will not have any beads. I'll resort to using DIC Starry if I want a twinkle effect...

alligator said...

Just thinking about trying to place beads "randomly" is making my skin crawl. It's so hard!

I recommend "Game Knitting" for these sorts of situations: http://www.leethal.net/patterns/gameknitting.html
You don't need the whole ebook necessarily, it's pretty well laid out in the intro.

KnittingInMind said...

I can't do random either.

You have been showing a lot of my favorite blues lately, driving me a bit crazy! I had to go visit Lisa Souza's site and almost had a breakdown. Can you get her to come up to Madrona?

Strickmuse said...

Now that you mentioned beads, I do see them. Random placement would drive me nuts too.