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May 10, 2011

Standing Revisited

So this standing desk thing is working very well. I don't stand in front of my computer for hours. It's not comfortable. So I do what I need then go do something else. That something may involve sitting. I'm okay with that. But it's such an improvement over planting myself in front of my computer the moment I walk into the house and staying there for hours. I recommend it to break the computer habit if nothing else.


Rebecca said...

but I NEED it.

Alwen said...

I used to work for an office furniture manufacturer that made desks that could be adjusted from sitting height to standing height, and I was part of a study group that used them.

They stuck us all over with electrodes on our backs and measured our heights a couple of times a day, to see if standing helped keep the discs in our spines from compressing.

The downside was that the things were outrageous expensive and the up/down controls were electronic.

I kept wondering why they didn't take that great idea and make out with a handcrank and a pawl, like a floor loom brake, but ... no one asked me when they were designing them.

Michelle said...

Years ago I had my work desk converted to a sit/stand configuration. I love it, I feel tons better when I go home. I have a chair and sit, stand off and on all day.

Several folks in the office have converted and can't believe how much better they feel at the end of the day.