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June 25, 2011

Bake Sale "Pies"

No, there's no bake sale but younger son got What's New, Cupcake from the library and wanted to make the "Bake-Sale Pie" cupcakes. The book is filled with really cute, inventive decorating ideas but I was mortified to discover that there are no cake or frosting recipes in it. They want you to go to the store and buy cake mix and cans of frosting. No thanks.

We used Rose Levy Berenbaum's definitive Cake Bible and Martha Stewart's Seven Minute Frosting. If I had more time I would make a Swiss meringue buttercream because the Seven Minute Frosting does not love to be in a piping bag. It gets kind of foamy. Swiss meringue isn't any more involved but it takes a long time in the mixer to get to the right consistency. We also had to hunt a bit to find all red M & M type candies that don't have anything stamped on them.

They're cute though.


Amy Stanton said...

Fiddly yes, but very cute!

Florence said...

They look yummy!

akabini said...

My copy of The Cake Bible cracked its spine at the "Chocolate Bread" recipe page. It's probably the one single recipe I've made more than any other. I love RLB!
(have you read the bit in the introduction when she mentions dating her future husband? Priceless. She's a sifting geek!)

Dina-Purls said...

OMG, those are the cutest cupcakes ever!

And I agree that it is much better to make the cake & icing from scratch.