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July 2, 2011

Goats Again?

If you've been reading the blog for a while you might remember that three years ago we rented to goats to come and eat our backyard. For two weeks Speck and Spot dutifully nibbled at all the blackberry, ivy and anything else they could reach. The transformation was nothing short of astonishing. I put in a huge amount of work too and we finally had to hire someone to haul away all the vines and trash that was left behind. We never really completed one side of the house because that was the side our complaining neighbor lived on and we didn't want to further agitate her. We also ran out of steam for digging up blackberry root-balls and sheet mulching. So one side of the house had regrown into a blackberry jungle. I went at it this afternoon with some loppers and barely made a dent. We need goats. I'm already thinking of emailing the Goat Lady and wording a nice letter to our neighbors.

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Florence said...

They are lovely little things and are dead useful when you need them. Not to mention they make wonderful milk from which you can make cheese! I bought some got cheese from a farmer on Friday at the farmer's market. Can you say YUMMY!!!!!!!!!! I haven't had goat's cheese in years, my mum would make it when I lived at home, we raised dairy goats. Sigh...missing the old days.