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July 6, 2011

See Me Tonight at the Seattle Knitters Guild

I will be giving a talk on using Ravelry tonight for the Seattle Knitters Guild.

Ravelry, Tips for Beginners and Pros
Do you use Ravelry? You really should. It's an amazing tool for any yarn-fancier. Part database, part social network, Ravelry brings the world of knit and crochet together to share information and ideas. Programming co-chair, Jessica Rose, a Ravelry user since April 2007, will walk you through getting started and show you some of the great tools available. Manage your stash, know your needles, get inspired and get organized.

Hope you can make it.


KnittingInMind said...

I'm looking forward to it!

Barbara said...

What a super idea! Can I steal your program idea for the Bay Lakes Knitting Guild here in Green Bay?