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September 7, 2011

Classic Granny Square Blanket

Pattern: Classic Granny Square Pattern from the Purl Bee
Yarn: Various handspun wool samples from my first spinning class (all Navajo plied), 2-ply Romney/Coopworth/Angora handspun and some Romney that I had to spin to match my beginner spinning self
Hook: 8mm
Notes: This was started on a lark late one night last winter. It goes extremely fast, especially with such a giant hook. I ran out of yarn and had to spin more brown Romney to try to match the uneven spinning I did years ago. Once I washed it I found it was quite a bit thicker than the other samples but I don't care. I'm a mediocre crocheter at best so there are a lot of errors in it. But it's very warm and I love all the natural-colored wools.


Liz T. said...

Beautiful! I made one of these out of Aunt Lydia's acrylic rug yarn in primary colors back in high school. Good times. LOVE the idea of doing it with natural wools! May have to steal this idea...

Vicki Knitorious said...