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September 16, 2011

Going Nowhere Slowly

I have never been a monogamous knitter but over the past few years I've definitely developed a habit of having a main project that gets the bulk of my knitting attention. I don't know if I should blame Sock Summit, fall ennui or solar flares but I have lost all semblance of focus lately. Here is a rundown.

  1. The Beekeeper's Quilt. This is a wonderfully diverting project that has now become my carrying around knitting and my low-concentration knitting. I now have (runs off to count) 32 puffs done with hundreds to go.

  2. Blu.

    I started Blu in June after purchasing the yarn four and a half years ago. The pieces are knitted and have been washed and shrunk. Now they need a lot of embroidering and seaming and I just can't muster the enthusiasm.

  3. Uptown Boot Socks. I started these suckers in February. I've knit a tiny bit here and there on them this summer and have only just recently turned the heel on the first sock.

  4. Fast Forward. I started this in March and have only a few more inches of ribbing to knit and the second cable section. I think part of the reason I stalled on this is that the Shelter yarn I'm using is so scratchy I don't think I'll ever wear the scart.

  5. Cornflower Shawl.

    I started this in Tosh Merino Light on my flight to Chicago. I was having a really hard time. I kept making little mistakes and ripping it out on the plane. I got frustrated and set it aside. I ripped back to the first increases and I have had no problems with it. It's now my tv knitting.

  6. Stripe Study Shawl.

    I got as far as winding the yarn (Miss Babs's Yummy Sock) and casting on while avoiding the Cornflower Shawl.

  7. Lilla Koftan.

    I found out last Friday that one of my sons' former after-school teachers just had a baby girl. I cast on for this simple sweater in leftover All Seasons Cotton. I thought I could knock it off in a weekend but I just have it sitting by my computer so I haven't put that much time into it.

So that's mostly everything. I feel defeated by this pile of knitting. I need to finish a few things and cross them off my list!


Crazy Colorado Knitter said...

This year has been hard on my knitting mojo, too. I'm thinking now that it's cooling off I might actually want to knit some.

willowgreen said...

For what it's worth Jessica, last year I designed a neckwarmer using Shelter. The design went through a number of iterations and even though the stitch patterns I tried on the prototypes were awful, they are still the most worn neckwarmers in the house. I have not thoroughly washed any of them but just soaking in warm water and Soak before blocking softened the wool considerably! It's becopme one of my favorite wools with which to work.

Florence said...

I have been that way lately as well, especially after finishing a cami for me to find that the gauge was way off and it looked terrible on me. I've not started anything else for myself and have been making hats for other's since I just don't have the motivation to knit or crochet for me right now. Just have to move forward. I think as long as I keep going I'll get out of my funk and start something new for me soon.

Jennifer said...

It may not help, but I know the problem isn't solar flares, mojo issues, or ennui.

The problem is, you have transformed into me.

Anonymous said...

I have on the needles:
- little girl hat, complete except for second earflap and i-cord.
- girl 2nd mitten, technically not on the needles yet, 2nd mitten syndrome happening big time!
- dad's birthday scarf, his birthday was two days ago, just a few inches of seeded rib left to go... unless I decide it's not long enough and break out the 3rd ball of green yarn.
- pale blue scarf started 2-3 years ago, gorgeous yarn, boring pattern
- an off-white silk scarf started last year, love the pattern and the yarn, not sure why it's not getting the love
- a soft white blankie with leaf border, not going fast enough and no babies happening in my circle right now so no pressure
- That Hacho Wrap for my sister, 90% done... too big to carry around
- Yarn for mom's birthday scarf, not cast on yet, birthday in 2 weeks.
There's probably more that I've forgotten about. How many is that?