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January 16, 2012

Moving a Yarn Shop

The shop move is done and went very well. The new space at 8212 Greenwood Ave N is open and light. Our customers really seem to love it and we're already finding lots of new customers.

Here's what the old location looked like before the movers arrived.

That's right. We bagged up the yarn in garbage bags. It doesn't seem very dignified but it worked well, was cheap and easy.

The movers were also able to move some small fixtures with the yarn still on the shelves. This was a huge time-saver.

Here's the new space before we finished moving in.

We had a lot of wire bins to build. We had a consultant help us a little in figuring out how to layout the new shop. The biggest issue is that our storage, though large, is in the basement and we have to walk alllllll the way around the building and go through the basement to get to it. We don't want to have to run down there a lot during the day or make customers wait while we do that so our consultant suggested we construct some double-deep bin areas. This meant a lot of building but has so far been working out very well. We can display the yarn nicely and stash all the full and partial bags behind it.

We've got a bit of yarn stashed in other hiding places too.

As we were moving in our new exterior sign arrived.

We also had lettering added to our window so that folks passing by would know what we do.

Here we are all moved in.

We still have lots of small details to work out and polish but we are thrilled with our new space!

So long, 7000 Greenwood, we had seven and a half great years together.

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