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April 18, 2012

When in Doubt Knit Hats

I've been suffering from knitter's block. Or perhaps knitter's ennui. Or just a crisis of confidence. I spent days swatching various yarns for several different sweaters and nothing worked. So I grabbed a skein of Taiyo and knit a hat for charity.

Nothing to write home about. But I had yarn left so I knit a helix stripe hat with my Margot-ish leftovers.

This one I love. And I had yarn left. So I knit a little charity had with the leftover gray leftovers.

Aw, cute. But I still had yarn left. (This is starting to sound like Extra Yarn.)So I knit another wee helix stripe hat with some Creative Focus Worsted.

Can you believe there's still yarn left??

I also knit this floppy kids' hat in a sample that lost its label. I'm thinking Classic Elite Firefly but I could be wrong.

I'm already on to another hat. There are always heads out there that need a good hat.

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